Damaged and broken jewellery

Damaged and broken jewellery – you can sell it without any problems!5

Jewellery made of high quality precious metals is often very delicate and requires proper care to look great. Thin and intricate necklaces, earrings without solid fasteners, smooth bracelets – this kind of trinkets can be easily destroyed or its components can be lost. At the same time selling this type of jewellery can then become very difficult, because customers are looking for first and foremost complete jewellery in good condition. But you do not need to hide this kind of damaged or incomplete jewellery deep in a drawer, because you can sell it at a very good price!

In such situations, select the services they gold buyers – companies that deal in professional gold buying of various kinds of items from their clients. This offer is especially noteworthy in the case of damaged or incomplete jewellery and other gold objects, because to such companies the visual condition of the trinkets does not really matter – the most important is the metal itself and its properties, because most of the gold is simply cast into different types of products.

You can sell to them any kind of damaged gold jewellery, for example:

Also remember that you can sell jewellery without gemstones, for example, ring that is without a diamond or ruby or an earring, which crystals fell out. In many companies, only the gold is important, so sometimes it is better to go earlier to a jeweller, who will be able to pull out the gems from the jewellery. Everything is dependent on the company, so check its policy of buying gold.

How much money you get for destroyed gold?

In fact, the price for gold jewellery and the damaged one does not differ too much, because regardless of what you bring to the gold buying company, you will receive payment in the appropriate amount of money in accordance with the prepared valuation of the sole gold. In this case, the most important is the number of carats of the gold, then its type (yellow gold, white or pink – rose), as well as its weight. The price also is affected by the current price of gold on the international markets – this course is checked every day, so the price all the time can vary.

To learn more about the price of gold jewellery, take it to a company dealing in the purchase of gold. Its employee then will prepare for you an accurate valuation on the basis of which you will then sell it. Remember that cash is paid immediately, so you do not have to wait for it to get it.

To sum up, if you have a damaged, defective or incomplete gold jewellery or jewellery from other precious metals, such as silver or platinum, then you can sell it without really any kind of problems in companies offering this kind of service. Gold buyers will be able to buy from you every sort of items of valuable metals, so be sure to check such an offer, if you also want to make a sale!